About Us

We are Vancouver Island’s first LGBTQ2S-focused sex positive adult store as well as a community hub. It’s our goal at Intersection to create a community space for queers to feel safe, seen, at ease, and to meet up & gather resources. Located at 486D Franklyn Street* in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter. *entrance on Selby.


Our selection of toys are 100% body safe and, along with our books & gender-affirming gear, are carefully curated by the stores owners Dutch & Quin.


Since Intersection is geared towards all identities, we avoid gendering our products or telling people how our toys “must” be used. Everything in our store can be used by any body in any way that is safe & consenting! There’s no shame in pleasure and we aim to create and open space for people to explore their own sexual agency.

Meet the Owners


I am co-owner of Intersection after starting it in 2019. I adore my cats and would classify myself as a sex nerd. I love reading, because reading is what?... fundamental! I’m a leatherqueer, non-binary/trans-masc white settler and my pronouns are they/them.


I am the newest co-owner of Intersection, as of January 2020. I’m a non-binary, fat, femme, disabled, kinky, queer white settler with a perfect doggy daughter and a deep love of all things tarot, plant & astrology related. My pronouns are they/them.

Why Intersection

The name Intersection was inspired by the term ‘intersectionality’, coined by Kimberle Crenshaw, which describes a theoretical framework that can be used to identify how different aspects of social and political discrimination overlap. It was initially used legally to look specifically at the intersections of oppression that black women face.


We recognize that queer, trans, gay, bisexual, lesbian, and two-spirit folks transgressing sexual and gender norms are at greater risk of violence, stigma, and discrimination, especially when simultaneously inhabiting other marginalized identities.


At Intersection, we believe that everyone has the fundamental right to control their own body and sexuality and feel safe while they do so. Our goal is to create a space where people can comfortably access products and resources to help them to pursue their pleasure on their own terms.